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BTC USD Index BTC Cryptocurrency Index BTC Index Trading Data OKEx.
Increasing profit and risk by leverage. DEX Trading testnet. Decentralized exchange based on OKExChain. Perpetual Swap Perpetual Swap. Contracts without settlement. Futures arbitrage and risk hedging. Unlimited Profit V.S. Easy to trade all instrument in one account. Go to Trade.
Crypto 10 Index CFDs Plus500. Plus500 logo inside homepage link. Search instrument. arrow-down4. arrow-down4. arrow-down4. Login. Choose language button. arrow-down4.
Search instruments by name.: Crypto 10 Index Crypto10. Follows and measures the performance of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the market, including Bitcoin, Ethereum more. Add favorite Set alert. 5m 15m 30m 1h 2h 4h 1d 1w. % Buyers % Sellers.
Bitcoin Index BTC/USD
Royal Dutch Shell A. SPDR SP 500. iShares MSCI Emerging Markets. SPDR Gold Shares. NN L Greater China Equity P Cap EUR. NN Information Technology Fund P. Juno Selection Fund. Kempen Profielfonds 3. BNP Call 500.59 EUR AEX 31Dec99. BNP Call 49.32 USD NYMEX LS CRUDE 03/19 31Dec99. BNP Call AEX Long 49987, 31Dec99. BNP Call 2.71 EUR KONINKLIJKE KPN NV 31Dec99. Meer voor cryptovaluta. Bitcoin Futures CME. Bitcoin Futures CBOE. Real Time Grafieken. Meer In Nieuws. Meest populaire nieuws. Meer In Mening. Meest populaire analyses. Meer In Technisch. Pivot Point Calculator. Vergelijk Forex Spreads. Vergelijk Forex Koersen. Meer In Brokers. Forex Demo Accounts. Forex Live Accounts. Kalender met vervaldata van futures. Meer In Tools. Pivot Point Calculator. Valuta Heat Map. Zwarte lijst brokers. Meld u nu aan om markten sneller en en zonder afleidingen te volgen. Bitcoin Index BTC/USD.
Bitcoin Price BTC Price Index and Live Chart CoinDesk 20.
I" would expect to see bitcoin charge past 30000, as we enter the new year, said one market observer. Market Wrap: Bitcoin Nears 29K While Ether Options Trader Makes Long-Shot Bet. Lawrence Lewitinn Dec 30, 2020. Another day, another all-time high in bitcoin as the cryptocurrency changed hands as high as 28871.78.
Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index Bloomberg Indices. Bloomberg.
The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index BGCI and the Bloomberg Galaxy Bitcoin Index BTC were launched by Bloomberg Index Services Limited and Galaxy Digital Capital Management. BGCI is a capped market capitalization-weighted index designed to measure the performance of the largest digital assets traded in USD.
The WBxl includes the Winklevoss Blended Bitcoin Index WBBI and the Winklevoss Blended Ethereum Index WBEI. To be notified of when our methodology changes or constituents change, please sign up to our mailing list. For more information, please email us at
Wat is een Bitcoin tracker? Beste Bank Kennisbank.
Een Bitcoin tracker is een beursgenoteerd financieel instrument waarbij de Bitcoin koers index wordt gevolgd. Een Bitcoin koers index is een samenstelling van verschillende koersen op de belangrijkste Bitcoin exchanges. De CME Group heeft de Bitcoin Real Time Index BRTI en de Bitcoin Reference Rates BRR geïntroduceerd om Bitcoin trackers te verbeteren.
Bitcoin Sentiment Bull Bear Index Augmento.
Hover over the score in the top graph to see the topics trending at that time. Click on the legend to isolate data sources. Bitcoin sentiment Bull Bear Index. The graphs show how bullish/bearish conversations about Bitcoin BTC are on social media.
Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index Digiconomist.
Comparable to the e-waste generation of Luxembourg. Single Transaction Footprints. Equivalent to the carbon footprint of 734575, VISA transactions or 55239, hours of watching Youtube. Equivalent to the power consumption of an average U.S. household over 23.92 days. Equivalent to the weight of 1.42 C'-size' batteries or 2.02 golf balls. Find more info on e-waste here. The assumptions underlying this energy consumption estimate can be found here. Criticism and potential validation of the estimate is discussed here. The minimum is calculated from the total network hashrate, assuming the only machine used in the network is Bitmains Antminer S9 drawing 1500, watts each. On February 13, 2019, the minimum benchmark was changed to Bitmains Antminer S15 with a rolling average of 180 days, followed by Bitmains Antminer S17e per November 7, 2019 and Bitmains Antminer S19 Pro per October 31, 2020. Note that the Index contained the aggregate of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash other forks of the Bitcoin network have not been included. The latter has been removed per October 1, 2019. Did you know Bitcoin runs on an energy-intensive network? Ever since its inception Bitcoins trust-minimizing consensus has been enabled by its proof-of-work algorithm.
4.60% De Bitcoin Volatiliteit Index.
Schatting afgelopen 30 dagen. Schatting afgelopen 60 dagen. Bitcoin Volatiliteit Tijdreeksen. Wat is De Bitcoin Volatiliteits Index? Deze website volgt de Bitcoin Volatiliteit in Dollars. Wat is volatiliteit. Volatiliteit is een maatstaaf om aan te geven hoeveel de waarde van een aandeel verandert over tijd.
Bitcoin ETF.
Het voordeel van een ETF is dat je tegen relatief lage kosten een index kunt volgen en voor een wat langere tijd een positie aan kunt gaan. Voor de korte termijn handelaar zijn er andere mogelijkheden, zoals derivaten, maar die zijn vaak speculatiever omdat ze doorgaans met een hefboom werken. Toekomst Bitcoin ETF.

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